A poor quality list can create more problems than it solves with prospects/clients taking offence or getting upset from mailings that are not appropriate or desired. Not only that, a poor quality list means you’re wasting money sending information to people who are not your target market, have already indicated that they do not want to receive communication from you, or aren’t even there! BUT there is a solution! We can cleanse your data to remove problems before they occur to minimise the complaints.

If your data is clean then we can sort your data to maximise the postage saving you can get.

There is so much more to posting then just 1st class or 2nd class. With a multitude of products or services available including Downstream Access it can all become confusing. We work with the leading suppliers to offer you the best possible prices and advise you on the best route for your mailing.

Our data services work by talking to you and asking the right questions we work with leading list owners to source you the data list that will fit your mailing and you’re target market. So many businesses make the mistake by taking a general mailing list of other businesses or a general list of consumers when a more targeted approach will results in better returns.