Capability to enclose 10 million packs per month

  • Our eight enclosing machines that can enclose sizes from C6 – C4
  • Door drop work our speciality
  • Security work undertaken
  • Both personalised and non personalised items
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001 accredited

Machine fulfilment is an area where ADM feel very much at home. With over 80 years experience in print & direct mail amongst our management staff we feel we have and knowledge & expertise to produce the quality & service that you would expect from a top fulfilment house.

Our eight enclosing machines are able to fulfil up to 6 items in one process, and our envelope sizes can span from C6 – C4, enabling us to be extremely flexible.

Door drops is an area where ADM really excel. Many companies are turning to door drops as a way to promote their company as there is no postage cost involved, only a per 1,000 price. Also the pack goes through every door that the postman delivers to, and blankets the postcode area of the customer’s choosing. Over the last couple of years ADM have been producing door drops in very large quantities, (up to 500k per day), and any enquiries you may have of this nature you will find us extremely competitive.

ADM hold the main three ISO accreditations, these being ISO 9001 (quality), ISO 14001 (environmental), ISO 27001 (security). All work is closely monitored to these standards, regularly being checked & signed by our line managers. Our premises is protected by CCTV and all our main doors are key coded. Because we work to ISO 27001 standard we are able to deal with extremely sensitive data in a secure environment at all times .