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  • Royal Mail
  • UK Mail, TNT, DHL
  • Downstream Access
  • Competitive Postal Rates
  • Save on postal costs by using ADM’s own UK accounts
  • International Post
If you want to get the best postal rates for your UK mailings you need to obtain quotes from Royal Mail or other postal operators which now operate in the UK, such as UK Mail, TNT, DHL, etc. These are known as Downstream Access providers, (DSA). Downstream access is mail that has been collected and distributed by a competitor, but is handed over to Royal Mail mail centres for final processing onto local delivery offices, where they are delivered.

By coming to Assembly Direct Mail we are able to negotiate postal costs for you. Postal operators offer best rates to direct mail companies such as ourselves, companies who outsource large quantities of mail on a regular basis. You will find by coming to us it will not only save you money but also time & hassle. We negotiate with all UK postal suppliers to find the best rates suited for your requirements . ADM are specialists in this area and are able to look at your particular mailing and advise the best postal company and best mailsort option for you. Be rest assured we will save you money!

It also depends on the purpose of your mailing to which service you need, for example, if it is a regular mailing (e.g. monthly), sustainable, advertising, presstream (magazine, newsletter), each category can be tailor made to save you money. Just ask one of our account managers for details.

We are not a postal company ourselves, but because of the volume of mail that passes through our doors we are able to obtain big discounts from the main postal operators, Royal Mail TNT, DHL, UK Mail etc. It’s not always just about volume either, there are also other elements that save you money. ADM produce mail in accordance with the postal providers specific requirements, sort the mail correctly, and prepare it for collection so the postal companies have less to do themselves, this cuts their costs and we pass that saving onto you.

You can achieve postage savings on all main mail categories including:

    Large letters

This applies to next day, 2-3 day, and seven day UK postal services. Please ask our customer services (01206 790 640) for more details.

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