Digital Variable (full colour) personalisation:
Xerox C75 Digital Colour Press
Paper weight range: 64-300gsm.
Min size 101 x 142mm,
Max size 330 x 488mm.

Laser (mono) personalisation:
2 x Xerox Nuvera 144 EA Production System
Paper weight range: 56-250gsm
Max size 320 x 469 mm

Ink jet (mono) personalisation:
1 x Buskro BK602 (25mm x 2 heads) – wax-based
2 x AMS Astrojet (38mm head) – water-based

Machine Enclosing
1 x Bell & Howell – 8 Station Vitesse Dual Deck MB Sheet Feeder, Cats Camera System
2 Meter Conveyor Output Batch kicker
Touch Screen Control
Team Stations
Cycle Speed 10000 / Hour
Sequential Job Start / System Clear
Dual Reading – OCR / Barcode 1d & 2d
Cats Vision System, 2 Cameras (match items 1 & 2 or 1 & 3)
Camera Matching
Lumac Accustic Covers
Omron PLC Control
Material Specifications
Minimum 89mm x 114mm
Maximum 156mm x 224mm
Envelope C5 / C6 / DL
Minimum 89mm x 152mm
Maximum 175mm x 244mm

2 x Buhrs (BB300) – ITM 5 station enclosers with stream feeder. C6 to C4.
6 x Phillipsberg 4 station enclosers. DL to C5.

Benchwork & Hand Enclosing
Extensive hand assembly/enclosing. (up to 100 staff)
Inserting into envelopes/bags, Welcome packs, Goody bags
Pick & pack, Flat box assembly, Tipping on etc.

Data Processing
Free data health check, Data capture, Data profiling/assessment
Mailing list preparation/cleansing.
PAF, Bereavement, Gone-away. Remove duplicates, Suppression
Mailsort, CBC, Advertising Mail.
Royal Mail, TNT, UK Mail

115 Schneider Guillotine.
T79 MBO Folders. 2 x Hunkler Mailing Tables. T52 Stahl 16pp folder
(Gate folding facilities)
Machine Tipping-on. Remoist and Impact Gluing
2 x UFO folders

Supplementary Services
Agfa Caliber B1 CTP System
Topaz 2 Scanner
1 x Dainipon B1 Digital Proofer
1 x Agfa Sherpa B1 Digital Proofer

Litho Printing
B1 Mitsubishi Diamond 5 Colour (720 x 1020)
B2 Heidelberg Speed Master 5 Colour 4/1 Perfecting press (520 x 720)